Mon Col is a Belgian-based brand with a sustainable approach to fashion. Founded in 2016 in Antwerp, Mon Col offers a collection of one-of-a-kind adaptable pieces.

Mon Col derives its name from the first pieces founder Eva Juchtmans designed: reversible & replaceable collars (Col in French) on smart blouses.


Adapt your style to any occasion

Wouldn’t it be great to have a blouse you could easily adapt to a number of occasions? Imagine the possibilities if you could just change one eye-catching detail to make your blouse even more personal.


Mon Col is Reversible

Every Mon Col blouse comes with one matching collar. The Mon Col collars are reversible. Every side of each collar has a different color or texture. Do you want a new look? Just reverse your collar.


Mon Col is Expandable

The original Mon Col collar is attached to the blouse with 5 hidden buttons. Do you want to expand your styling possibilities? Extra collars in different models, fabrics and colors are available on


Mon Col is Sustainable

Every piece is designed & produced in Europe. Our blouses are made of 100% cotton. Mon Col aims for high quality and a timeless style. Instead of a load of blouses, you can choose for an adaptable one.